Circle reveal page route transition in Flutter

I’m gonna be short for this one because the gif and the idea itself is self-explanatory. I’ve started with the “Everything you need to know about Flutter page route transition” [link] article and then I wanted something more interesting so I looked after “circle reveal effect” and I found this awesome plugin [link]. After a little fiddling, I came up with this:

It has its quirks but gets the job done.

  • Center can be basic (alignment) and precise (offset). To do precise centering we will need global X,Y coordinates but that must be provided by you.
  • Radius configuration. Make sure that the maximal radius is properly set because if not, the outer area will be black after the transition finishes. ()
  • Entry/origin screen will not be rendered when the animation ends. ()
  • Orientation change will cause precision offset to the wrong position. ()

The implementation

Great and all, but how can I use it already?

page: TargetScreen(),
maxRadius: 800,

If you have any question, feel free to comment.



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