Experience with CraftCMS 3

I’ve been working with CraftCMS (v3.1) + Craft Commerce for the last couple of months and initially I was pleased with it. You can do so many things with the system and the existing plugins that you would think that everything can be done with ease. Then I had to create few custom plugins. And oh boy, things started to go south quickly. So here’s my pros and cons for CraftCMS.

Short background: I was a Laravel (based on Symfony) developer for few years (around v5) and absolutely loved it. I had a pretty good relation with PHP back then but few years has passed and things has changed in me. I’ve got accustomed to TypeScript (NodeJS, Angular, Vue), C# (.NET Core) and DartLang so I decided to hop back on a PHP to see how it feels after few years of absence.

Note: This article might not be accurate for further versions.





I would gladly go with CraftCms for things that it already knows but would think twice if I had to add more complex custom features to it. The upcoming 4th major release will have some really neat features which I’m excited for.

Choosing the unknown