In my whole life I always had something to listen to while I was doing work and I’m sure most of you guys are listening to something in the background all the time. We all have our best music-activity combinations but I’ll share my experience about how I found the best music for programming.

Where am I coming from?

Mid teen’s, I was the typical passive music listener (through tv, radio) and my family didn’t have strong connection with music either but then… I got my first computer and I played loads and loads of Age of Empires 2/3, Prince of Persia Warrior Within

Shake the phone and when you stop the random result will be shown on your screen. Going to be easy, right? Well, not quite so. This is going to be a brief article about how I’ve got to an acceptable solution.

About Flutter

I’ve been fiddling with Flutter for the last half year and even without knowing much about mobile development and Dart it was fairly easy to get started (coming from mainly web and backend development). The BLOC pattern was weird at first and sometimes I get into widget hell but the rest is awesome. And oh boi, the package manager…

I’m gonna be short for this one because the gif and the idea itself is self-explanatory. I’ve started with the “Everything you need to know about Flutter page route transition” [link] article and then I wanted something more interesting so I looked after “circle reveal effect” and I found this awesome plugin [link]. After a little fiddling, I came up with this:

It has its quirks but gets the job done.

  • Center can be basic (alignment) and precise (offset). To do precise centering we will need global X,Y coordinates but that must be provided by you.
  • Radius configuration. Make sure…

I’ve been working with CraftCMS (v3.1) + Craft Commerce for the last couple of months and initially I was pleased with it. You can do so many things with the system and the existing plugins that you would think that everything can be done with ease. Then I had to create few custom plugins. And oh boy, things started to go south quickly. So here’s my pros and cons for CraftCMS.

Short background: I was a Laravel (based on Symfony) developer for few years (around v5) and absolutely loved it. I had a pretty good relation with PHP back then…

The basic problem is fairly simple: intercept the key acquisition XHR request, update URL and/or add authorization header. This way people won’t be able to just simply put the .m3u8 files into their video players and simply play it. This is a solution for people who want a little more protection for their EHLS videos while sacrificing native behaviour is acceptable.

Please note that browsers without Media Source Extension might have difficulties working with this solution (like iOS safari).

What do we have for starter

Using a special, non-standard scheme(key://) will help us cathing the key requests because our XHR interceptor will get all the segment…

József Koller

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